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Welcome to TCP
We believe everyone has the right to earn, store, spend, and send their funds, regardless of who you are and where you`re from.
Our Goals
Respecting the financial market and managing risks
Product TCP-MARKET is an example of a highly professional organization that invests great effort in respecting the financial market and effective risk management. Over the years, the company has been constantly improving its working methods, striving to provide stability and reliability to its customers.
Being user-centric
TCP-MARKET takes responsibility for the care and protection of its users, especially in the context of the use of cryptocurrency and fiat money. The company is aware of the importance of ensuring the security and confidence of customers in their financial transactions.
Respecting the financial market and managing risks
The company implements a number of measures to minimize risks and ensure the safety of user funds when working with cryptocurrencies and using blockchain technologies, including the cascading structure of L2 and L3 solutions.
CEO, Founder - Anastasia
CEO, Founder - Anastasia
Starting her business from a garage, created a company developing applications for convenient task planning. Her determination and talent inspired the team to success, turning a small idea into a recognized leader in the field of time and task management.
CMO, Co-Founder - Alex
CMO, Co-Founder - Alex
Alex is the creative inspiration and co-founder of our company. His passion for marketing and innovation has helped shape a unique image for our brand. Even back in university, he dreamed of creating something significant that would change the approach to product promotion.
CTO - Alexander
CTO - Alexander
Chief Technology Officer, possessing unique skills in technology. His deep knowledge and experience in software development have been crucial in creating innovative products for our company. His leadership qualities and ability to inspire the team have helped us achieve outstanding technical results.
Chief Developer - Dmitry
Chief Developer - Dmitry
Chief Developer in our company, bringing extensive expertise in software engineering and development. His innovative approach and technical proficiency have been instrumental in leading our development team and ensuring the successful execution of our projects.
Head of Design Department - Ekaterina
Head of Design Department - Ekaterina
Head of the Design Department in our company. Her creative approach and professional skills enable the creation of unique and appealing design solutions. Under her leadership, our team develops aesthetically pleasing products that meet the needs of our clients.
TradeChangePlace OÜ
Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tuukri tn 19-315, 10120
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Upcoming Release
TCP-MARKET WEB 3 Cryptocurrency Wallet with L2, L3 Cascading Networks, and DApp Management
We are excited to announce the upcoming release of our innovative cryptocurrency wallet, representing a modern product based on WEB 3 technology.

Our wallet features the use of L2 and L3 cascading networks, as well as the regulation of a unified cryptocurrency pool through decentralized applications (DApps).
Release Features:
WEB 3 Cryptocurrency Wallet
Provides the ability to manage various cryptocurrencies, exchange assets, and conduct secure transactions.
Represents the next generation of the internet, encompassing decentralized applications and blockchain technologies for secure, transparent, and decentralized interactions.
Gives users access to manage cryptocurrencies, enabling the storage, sending, and receiving of various digital assets.
L2 and L3 Cascading Networks
Used to enhance scalability, improve network performance, and reduce transaction fees.
L2 (Second Layer)
Usually refers to blockchain scaling solutions that increase network performance and reduce transaction fees, such as Plasma or Lightning Network solutions.
L3 (Third Layer)
These are complex systems operating on top of a blockchain, integrating multiple L2 solutions and providing advanced scaling, privacy, and cross-chain compatibility features.
Regulating a Unified Cryptocurrency Pool through DApp
Enables the pooling of assets from different blockchains and managing them through decentralized applications.
Unified Cryptocurrency Pool
This combines digital assets from different blockchains into a single pool for collective management.
DApp (Decentralized Application)
Provides an interface for pool management, access control to assets, transaction logging, and access rights management.
Our TCP-MARKET wallet represents cutting-edge blockchain technology.
It is designed for those who value security, convenience, and functionality when working with digital assets.
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